Construction Manager

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As a Construction Manager, you will take a major role in the planning, operation and completion of our main project's construction which is Sandar Andara. Enhancing the performance of the project with your management skills is a vital component that you have to implement to the project.


Recruit criteria:

1. An engineering bachelor level graduate from a reputable university

2. Minimum of 2 years of construction experience

3. Have experience and skills in estimating construction expenses

4. Care for the environment

5. Care for other people

6. Able to manage time effectively

7. A good eye to optimize pre existing systems

8. Have a sprint culture in completing work tasks

9. Natural aptitude for change making

10. Have deep curiousity to learn and develop personal skills further

11. Big picture thinker

12. Natural aptitude problem solving 


Submission mechanism:

1. Submit required admission documents

 - KTP copy

 - KK copy

 - CV copy

 - Bachelor degree copy

 - Legalized college transcript

2. Interview, fit & proper test

3. Final notice at end of recruitment period


Contact via whatsapp for extra details, +6281286773429

Email to