Developing genuinely

We recognize that there are problems involving people's homes in Indonesia. Our housing development industry makes families in big cities sees houses only as a shelter, resting place or money investment tool. 

But its much more than that. A house shapes how a family live, behave, consume, rest, waste and grow. Its where most precious memories are made and it also shapes how our children would grow. We see that the best way to live is by living responsibly by means of contribution towards natural and social surroundings. 

“Sandar” or “to lean” perfectly describes Sandar Andara’s quality as a responsible center of tranquility, comfort, convenience, and security amidst the hustles and bustles of this great metropolitan.

Our philosophy is to take responsibility for our activities, energy consumption, and waste disposal methods to apply our principles of environmental preservation and better living.

Earn greater property value with rapid growth surrounding the area including the soon operating Depok-Antasari highway that connects Sandar Andara to every important areas of Jakarta. Sandar Andara is the reliable safe haven to bring comfort, ease and joy.


Housing's Price Growth around Andara Area